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There Are 3 Types of Patients Who Visit Your Website! . . .
- Patients who will instantly call your business 
to schedule an evaluation.

2 - Patients who will never call your office 
(or, schedule online), no matter what.

- And, then there are The Sideliner Patients.

Even though 
you'd love for most people 
to visit your Website, 
instantly call into your office,
and schedule an evaluation, 
without a hassle...

However, the harsh reality is...
most patients who visit your website 
will be Sideliner Patients.
And, there are 4 Types of Sideliner Patients:

1. The Indifferent
2. The Skeptic
3. The Worrier
4. The Procrastinator

Sounds similar to many of your 
patients who have 
lived with pain 
or dealt with an issue 
for 6 months or 6 years...
before taking action 
and addressing the issue.


Any way, 
your website and email marketing content 
needs to speak directly to these 
“Types” of Sideliner Patients.

In fact, 
your Automated Email Follow Ups 
need to be written 
exactly to the "Sideliners".

Just like a friendly conversation,
one-to-one, personal email.

NOT a mass email talking to your 
entire Email List.

So, once it is set up, 
Email Marketing
"nurtures" these Sideliner Patients,

And, takes them from skeptical,
and asking themselves:
"Will this work for me?",
"Oh yeah, this PT is for me" !!

Over time, these patients get
"warmed up" and become 
*qualified* (leads) prospective patients, 
instead of being "cold leads".

So, that's the point.

The point of all of this is 
To Get a "Sideliner" to Take Action
(They can Take Action by
submitting their Email Address 
for an Ebook, Report, Guide


When they are ready...

Calling into your office to speak with you,
and scheduling a visit)

And, the best part?...

Email Marketing Automation
automatically works for you

So, that you can continue to 
treat patients during the day, and 
spend more time with family at nights and weekends.

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