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"The Cash Practice Mastermind" Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Get More Leads, More "Cash" Patients, and Achieve a Freedom-Based Lifestyle!
(Without Having To Take Out A Loan or Rely On Doctor Referrals!)
And, Even Though Your Patients Want To Use Their Insurance,

We Will Teach You...

👉  “How To Get More (Leads) Prospective Patients Asking For Your Cash Services"

👉  “How To "Convert" More Leads Into Happy, Cash-Paying Patients"

👉  “Exactly What To Say To Get Buy-In From Patients To Pay Cash , Buy Treatment Packages Refer MORE New Patients To You"  [Scripts & Templates] 
...To Reach YOUR Definition of Financial Success 

And, to achieve a Freedom-Based Lifestyle, spending more time with family!
What's Included In "The Cash Practice Mastermind" ?...
  •   What Is It?  Weekly LIVE Video Training In a Private Facebook Group 
  •   How Long?  Each video training class with be 1 hour
  • ​ Recorded If I Can't Attend Live?  Yes.  You can watch the replays any time
  • ​ Live Q&A?  Yes, answering all of your specific questions and challenges in your practice
  • ​ How Long Does This Last?  Program Lasts 12 Month, Year-Long Coaching, Mentorship, and Business Building
  •   Any One-On-One Time?  Yes, Ron Miller and Dave Kittle schedule monthly phone calls with all mastermind members 
  • ​ What's Unique About This Mastermind Program?  Current members love that our content is immediately Actionable with proven, step-by-step strategies.  This Mastermind is not theory
  •  Skills That Actually Pay The Bills: 100% - cash based PT marketing, business, sales, and finance
  • ​Flexibility: Access literally WHEREVER there is internet and watch the live training/replays whenever, or listen to the audio trainings on-the-go
  •  Relevance: Up-to-date REAL world advertising examples supported by tens of thousands of dollars of testing
  • ​Teaching Method: Live weekly group training calls with Ron Miller & Dave Kittle - Entertaining as hell - Ask questions in REAL TIME
  •  Resources: Learn from someone who actually does this EVERY single day - Community of dozens of experienced owners who can assist along the way
  • ​Earning Potential: Up to you... ENDLESS!
Why Would I Want To Join This?
Below Is Just A Taste of the Trainings You'll Get 
Instant Access To
That They Didn't Teach You in PT School:
  •  Learn my BEST Performing Google AdWords Campaign 
  • How Dave Kittle is Able to Charge +$250 Per Visit (...Even When Patient's First Say They Want To Use Their Insurance) 
  • Facebook Ads Optimization & Marketing
  • ​How To Convert Insurance-Seeking Patients Into Happy Cash-Paying Patients (Over One Phone Call)
  • Ethical Sales Scripts and Done-For-You Templates (Without Sounding "Sales-y" or Desperate)
  • How To Optimize Your Website To Attract More Prospective Cash-Paying Patients 
  • My Secret "Score Card" - How To Track Your Clinic Metrics & Financials
  • ​How Ron Miller Got +170 Google Reviews For His 100% Cash-Based PT Clinic (Pursuit PT in Orlando, FL)
  • How Your +100 Reviews Massively (Positively) Impact Your Website's SEO (So More Patients Find You When They "Google Search" Your Area!)
  • ​How To Break Through All The Technology Jargon (Using Low-Tech Tools For Practice Efficiency) 
  • More Profits AND More Freedom (More Time With Your Family)
  • ​Kill The Co-Pay! And Kill The Deductible Question! (Debunking Myths - for patients who think they "have to use their insurance")
  • Where To Invest Your Time (& Advice on Where to Reinvest Your Profits)
  • ​How The Heck To Get Patients From Instagram?
  • Networking Like A Pro (The Real Magic & Power of Relationships To Unlock "Cash-Based" Referral Sources
  • ​Get-Out-Of-Your-Comfort-Zone "Hot Seat" on our Live Video Calls *(Optional)
  • How To Grow An All-Star Reputation in Your ZIP Code
  • ​How & Why To Add SSL [Secure Socket Layer] To Your Website (Especially If You Have a Website Payment Portal)
  • Double Your Business Skills & You Will Double Your Profits
  • ​Email Marketing Automation: To Warm Up Prospective Patients and Re-Activating Discharged Patients [Advanced Online Marketing]
  • Accountability & Goal Setting!
  • ​Mindset Programming - How To Get Over Any "Mental Blocks"
  • How Ron Miller Sells Treatment Packages Ranging From $2,000 to +$4,000 (To Boost Cash Flow)
  • ​Clinical Case Studies (For Complex Cases)
  • Ron Miller's WORST Google AdWords Campaign (Why He Lost Money Trying To Advertise To Accountants After "Tax-Season")
  • ​And MUCH MORE!...
Success Stories from PTs We Have Worked With (...From Around The Country)
  PT Owner Brett Scott in Lowell, Massachusetts just went from $8,000/month to $15,000/Month with patients buying more, referring others, and buying treatment packages
Brett Scott, DPT
Owner of Barbell Therapy & Performance in Lowell, MA
  "Before joining, I was making $2,000/month. And, 5 months after I joined The Cash Practice Mastermind, I was generating $10,500/month! Thank you Dave & Ron for helping me GROW my practice and Change MY LIFE!!"
Chad Kuntz, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Owner of Pr1me Movement in Charlotte, NC
  Too Good To Be True?... Listen To What The Top PT In Charlotte Said About "The Cash Practice Mastermind"...
  Ziad Dahdul - PT Owner in Orange County, California just had his BEST Month ever: over 100 visits and over $10,000 income (his first 5-Figure Month)
Ziad Dahdul, DPT
Owner of Ignite Phyzio in Fullerton, CA
  South Florida PT Owner Eric Otero's new patient conversion rate to "cash-pay" went from 22% to 56% and nearly 5X'ed his income -- in one month -- with our training!
Eric Otero, DPT
Co-Owner of Pinnacle Movement & Performance in Boca Raton, FL
  We helped Chad Kuntz (Owner from Charlotte, NC) raise his "Cash" Rates from $125 per visit to $187 Per Visit!  We will do the same for you.
Get access to our Ethical Sales Scripts
Chad Kuntz, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Owner of Pr1me Movement in Charlotte, NC
  We helped Eric Broadworth (Owner in Grand Rapids, Michigan) sell his first $1,500 Treatment Package to a patient who was "on a tight budget"
Eric Broadworth, DPT
Owner of Fuel Physical Therapy in Grand Rapids, MI
  "I generated $2,100 in Cash PT Revenue just from Ron & Dave's 'Instagram Strategy'... which was just one 60 minute training video inside The Cash Practice Mastermind"
Georgio Baylouny, DPT
Owner of PhysioRX in New York, NY
The RESULTS-Focused
"Cash Practice Mastermind"
Coaching, Training, & Mentorship Program
First, Who Is This Program NOT For ...
  This is NOT for you if you're a PT or practice owner who thinks that you don't have to put in consistent work and effort when implementing our lead generation strategies, marketing strategies, or using proven sales scripts
  This is NOT for you if you are not serious about investing in yourself and investing in your business
  This is NOT for you if you are not interested in accelerating your ability to attract more new leads, "close" and "book" more cash-pay patients, or learn proven business growth strategies ( lessen your stress and avoid overwhelm)
Who Is This Mastermind For ? 
  This mastermind group is for you if you are a PT or practice owner who is serious about getting more new (leads) prospective patients, learning how to overcome their common objections to "cash-pay", so that you can help more patients by using your profits to grow a profitable and sustainable business
  This mastermind group is for you if you are a PT or practice owner who is serious about investing in yourself and investing in your business
  This mastermind group is for you if you are an insurance practice owner (in-network or out-of-network), cash practice owner, Medicare plus cash practice owner (hybrid), or if you are planning to start a practice in the future
  This mastermind group is for you if you are a staff PT, new grad PT, full-time or part-time PT with a cash-pay "side hustle" where you would like to get more leads coming in, and more opportunities to close and book more cash-pay patients than ever before
  This is for you if you would like to drastically shorten your learning curve by avoiding the common mistakes, frustrations, and time-wasters Ron and Dave went through when they started (and, began growing)
  This is for you if you are ready to put in consistent work and effort when implementing our lead generation strategies, marketing strategies, and ethical sales scripts
  This opportunity is for you if you would like personal accountability from Ron and Dave over the next 12 months, to keep you on track to accomplish any small or large goal(s)
  This is for you if you are treating patients in a brick-and-mortar office location, or working with clients inside a gym or CrossFit box, or traveling to patients with a mobile/concierge practice model
And, We Have Found That Many PTs Have These Common Challenges...
1.)  They Need More Leads, Predictably

2.)  Turning Those Leads Into "Cash-Pay Patients

3.)  Doing BOTH of Those Consistently 
If  you are having difficulty in these areas
then, this is opportunity is for you
Unless You Want: 

1.) More "Cash" Patients...

2.) With Less Overwhelm

And, If You Want Both?... 

Then, Read Below...
Do your Patients have an Insurance Mindset?... 

Are Your Patients asking "Do you take my Insurance??"...   

No Problem!  

We Can Help You Answer Every Challenging Question From Any Prospective Patient, And...

We Will Help You Grow YOUR High Income, 
Successful Cash-Based Profits 

(Regardless of the size of your Business: 
“Micro” to “Macro” Practice)
Dear Friend,

My name is Ron Miller, and I used to be just like you.

I was annoyed and frustrated by traditional Physical Therapy with productivity numbers, over-booking and overlapping patients just to hit financial goals, without caring about the patient or their experience.

Also, I was shocked at the continued decline of insurance reimbursement. One of the main reasons why the clinics above would have to overbook patients, was to make up their decreasing revenue by "treating" higher volumes of patients.

And, that's where "mill" clinics came from.

To top it off, many hospital systems and ACOs cannot refer patients to private practice PT clinics like mine or yours because it's against their "network rules."

So, even bringing lunch to physicians or trying to market to them No Longer Works!
Now, You’re Probably Skeptical, And Think "How Would This Work For Me?"...
Briefly Pause Your Skepticism And Keep Reading:
Since you are reading this far, then you have the desire to achieve at least 1 or more of the following:
 Spend More One-On-One Time with your patients (instead of "overbooking"),
 Give "the middle finger" to insurance companies (ha!) who want to dictate the way you treat,
 Make More Cash PT Profits (per hour, per visit, and per package),
 Leave the rat-race of "mill" clinics,
  Grow your Cash-Based Revenue in your existing practice,
  Get your clinic away from declining insurance reimbursement,
  Boost your Cash Flow by selling treatment packages ($2,000 - $4,000)
  Or, Grow Your Side Hustle "Micro-Practice" of Cash-Paying Patients...
And, you've been looking for more support, guidance, and mentorship, from someone who's actually done it.

Now, practice owners have hired me for personal one-on-one consulting, and for that time and attention, my personal consulting rates are thousands of dollars, depending on the owner's needs, wants, and their situation.

But, this is a premium level of consulting, sitting next to each other side by side going through every aspect of their practice.

However, that price point might be out of your range right now, and that's okay!

Many of you who have been asking for my assistance in your practice-building journey.  

I often get emails and private messages, like: 

"Ron, do you have a Mentorship group?  If you do, I'd love to join and learn from you, as I can't afford your one-on-one consulting rates, at this time." 

And - Yes - I do want to Help YOU in your practice's journey!

But, don't worry...this will NOT cost you thousands of dollars,

So, I figured out a way to lower your investment by making it a group setting mastermind...
Here's The Weekly Help You Get - Once You Join The Mastermind Program: 
  •  Weekly Live Video Training 
  • ​Education
  •  Coaching & Mentorship
  • ​ Live Q&A Sessions
  •  Monthly One-on-One Calls
  • ​ Goal Setting
  •  Accountability
  • ​Even Clinical Case Studies
  •  Mindset Reprogramming
  • ​ And, Much MORE!...
The Cash Practice Mastermind: 
 6-Figure Business Group
With Your Cash-Based Instructors:
2 of the Country's Top-Producing Cash PTs

Ron Miller, DPT, OCS

"I'm excited to have you join us in the mastermind.  You're clearly motivated and serious about Cash-Based PT.   And, I want to help you build the Practice of Your Dreams.  I will show you how to make more money without trading time for dollars, so that you can spend more time with your family."
- Owner, Pursuit Physical Therapy
(+$350,000 Revenue, 20-30% Profit Margin)
- Founder of "Cash Based PT - 101 Forum" Facebook Group
- Partner at

Dave Kittle, DPT

"Just like you, I was very skeptical that patients would pay cash for PT.  But, Ron taught me how to do it.  Now, it's time for You to learn and make More Profit without relying on low insurance reimbursement!" 

- Owner, Concierge Pain Relief
(Mobile/Cash PT in NYC)
- Entrepreneur
- Co-Host of PT TechTalk Podcast
- Partner at
Plus, (Ethical) Sales Role Play & Practice! . . .
Get access to one-on-one phone calls and video calls with Dave Kittle:
  • How To Smoothly Answer: "The Insurance Question"
  • ​Improve Your Pitch so it's Smooth and Clear
  • Practice Overcoming Common Patients Objections
  • Have a Professional Response for EVERY Objection!
Click & watch video below - an example of "Sales Role Play" 
in The Cash Practice Mastermind 
(between Dave Kittle and Mastermind Member Eric Otero)
Now, This Is Your Chance to:
🚀  Launch & Grow Your Business

🚀  Attract More Qualified Leads

🚀  Book More Cash-Paying Patients

🚀  Sell High-Ticket Treatment Packages

🚀  Treat Without Insurance Limits

🚀  Expand Your Community Impact

🚀  Increase Revenue and Profits

🚀  Live a Freedom-Based Lifestyle


Now, click the yellow button below 
and submit your application to
The Cash Practice Mastermind,
to continue investing in yourself and in your business!

The PRICE Goes Up When the Countdown Timer Reaches ZERO – Don’t Pay More Than You Have To.
 Your Application Deadline:
*Thursday July 4th at 11pm PST

Plus, + 52 Hours Free Bonus Video Training
🎁 Get These Free BONUSES When You Register:
🎁 Huge Free BONUS #1:
Unlimited Access To "The Cash Practice Mastermind" for 12 Months
$2,997 Value
  You will get access to Weekly Live Training Videos at 5pm EST (every single Wednesday) inside of our private Facebook group
  Even if you are not able to attend live, you will have access to the replay to watch any time
  You will have 12 months of unlimited access to all live (and, replay) Mastermind training videos
  See screenshots below of the live training videos that occur each and every Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST inside our private Facebook group
🎁 Huge Free BONUS #2:
Free Unlimited Access To "The Vault " Training Videos from The Cash Practice Mastermind
***OVER 52 Hours of Previously Recorded Training Videos on Nearly Every Possible Cash-Based PT Topic
$1,997 Value
Watch Video Below - Free Tour Inside Your 
New Free CourseCash Based PT "The Vault"
  You will get FULL Unlimited Access to "The Vault" of over 52 Hours of Video Training Content (more than 52 separate videos) 
  Rather than "Netflix and Chill" - you can binge watch "The Vault" at any time, any where inside our private Mastermind Facebook group 
  Below, you will see just some of the VIDEO trainings inside of "The Vault" - including, but not limited to Cash-Based PT Marketing, Business, Sales, Finance, and much more!...
  • (Live Interview) Getting Free Leads To Your Live Lecture/Seminar/Workshop  (65 minutes)
  • How One of our Mastermind Students Generated $2,000+ "Cash-Pay" Revenue From His First Live Lecture  (+65 minutes)
  • When You Can and CANNOT Treat Medicare Patients in a Cash-Based PT Clinic  (43 minutes)
  • Initial Online Marketing Strategy  (+60 minutes)
  • (Live Interview): How Mastermind Student Chad Kuntz Went From Monthly Revenue of $2,000/month to $10,500/month (...over the last 5 months while ONLY working 3 days per week!!!)
  • Prospective Patient First Phone Call, Tracking Leads, Gathering Data into the Score Card  (34 minutes)
  • Designing a Marketing Funnel  (+60 minutes)
  • The Two Best Words To Convert More Patients To Cash-Pay for Your Services!  (30 minutes)
  • Maximizing Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing  (+60 minutes)
  • How To Create a Video Ad: Outline and Connecting with the Prospective Patient to Get The Click  (+60 minutes)
  • Simple, FREE Way To Get More Leads... (And, Dave Kittle's First Phone Call Process with a Prospective Patient)  (53 minutes)
  • Email Marketing (How To Automate and Nurture Prospective Patients With Follow Up Email) (+60 Minutes)
  • How To Get "Cash-Pay" Patient Referrals From Personal Trainers (+60 Minutes)
  • Google vs. Facebook Marketing: 5 Questions You Need To Answer BEFORE You Start Paid Marketing   (63 Minutes)
  • 5 Revenue Strategies aka "Revenue Generators" (and, why you should offer treatment packages) (33 Minutes)
  • Expenses, How To Keep Your Overhead Low, and Calculating Your Cost Per Visit (55 Minutes)
  • Copywriting Course: The Do’s and Don’ts — Breakdown, Step-By-Step, An Owner’s Actual Low Back Pain Landing Page  (+60 Minutes)
  • Local Listings and Directories To Get More Local Leads (+60 Minutes)
  • Ron Miller's Testimonial Strategy (That Landed Him 160 Google Reviews! For His Clinic Pursuit Physical Therapy)  (+60 Minutes)
  • Overcoming Prospective Patient Objections ("That's Too Expensive") (+60 Minutes)
  • The Art of Blogging: Google still values great, original content (so it is essential to learn this)  (+60 Minutes)
  • Dave Kittle's Price Anchoring: Ethical Persuasion & Psychology (+60 Minutes)
  • How To Optimize SEO For Your YouTube Videos (+40 Minutes)
  • Instagram Strategy: Get New Patients From Instagram (+60 Minutes)
  • How To Raise Your Cash-Based Rates (2 Videos, +30 Minutes Each)
  • Is There "Too Much Of A Jump" When Raising My Cash Rates? (+30 Minutes)
  • The Exact Words and Text Message Thread...That Converted an Insurance-Seeking Patient To Travel To Dave's Home & Pay Him $250 CASH PER VISIT... (Even Though The Patient Doesn't Have a Job)   (+75 Minutes)
  • 5 Strategies To Engage Prospective Patients On Your Website (...So That They Actually Call You)  (45 Minutes)
  • How To Use "Care Credit" To Help Your Patients Finance Your Cash Services (If They Really Can't Afford It)  (14 Minutes)
  • How Long Should You Follow-up with Prospective Patients?.... Once They Show Interest but Do Not Schedule Their 1st Visit Right Away   (70 Minutes)  
  • 12 Point Outline of an Employee Contract (73 Minutes)
🎁 Huge Free BONUS #3:
Free Access To Our Scripts, Templates, Downloadable Documents, and Excel Sheets
Done-For-You Templates: $997 Value
Ethical Sales Scripts: $997 Value
Business Tracking Excel Sheets: $997 Value
  You will get full, unlimited access to each and every file and document used by Ron Miller, Dave Kittle, and the Top Cash-Based PTs across the country

Access to our files will literally save you hundreds of hours of time and frustration in creating your own

Here's a list of just some of the files (below) you'll get access to when you take action today: 

Done-For-You Templates, Ethical Sales Scripts from Starter Scripts to Advanced Sales Scripts to overcome any patient objection, and Plug-In Business Tracking Excel Sheets
  1st Phone Call Intro and Script
  Structured Online Marketing Strategy 
  3 Step Phone Call Process for "cold leads" when there's no warm introduction or referral
  Dave Kittle's KILLER Advanced Sales Script: Presenting Your Rates and Overcoming Common Objections
  Testimonial Outline:  How Ron Miller's been able to get OVER 170 Google Reviews!!!
  Ron Miller's Post Evaluation Email Template
  The Ultimate Email Marketing Checklist
  Medicare ABN (you can edit and use)
  (Excel Sheet) Cash Based PT Score Card
  (Excel Sheet) How To Track Your Opportunities (Leads, Prospective Patients)
  Blogging Best Practices 
  How To Write Headlines
  Website Tips from Facebook Live Training Session
  New Patient Master Form: exactly what questions to ask and how to best set yourself up for "buy-in" with full attendance to plan of care 
  New Patient Scheduling: Policy, Procedures, and Forms
  How To Convert an Email Inquiry To a "Cash-Pay" Evaluation
  (Excel Sheet) Business 3 Year Proforma Blueprint
   And, much more!...
Yes, we are providing an insane amount of VALUE to assist you in . . .
Making 2019 Your Best Year Ever!
And, please see the screenshots below of the "Files" section of our Private Mastermind Facebook Group, where you will access these documents...
🎁 Huge Free BONUS #4:
Free Access To The Ultimate Facebook Ads Digital Course...
Facebook Ads Mastery
How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Ads
(Video-Based Digital Course)
Taught by 
International Facebook Ads Expert & Speaker: 
Azriel Ratz
Founder, CEO of Ratz Pack Media
$3,000 Value
   Use this video-based digital course if/when you are ready to get leads and prospective patients from Facebook's Paid Ads
   In just 1.5 hours of total course time, you will have a firm confidence in how best to set up, run, and manage your practice's Facebook Ads (...without frustration, headaches, or fear of wasting time) 
   Here's the Course Curriculum of all 46 Modules:
   Module 1-11
   Module 12-22
   Module 23-36
   Module 37-46
After this course, you will be able to get New  Leads & Patients from paid Facebook Ads (...even if this is your first time)
🎁 Huge Free BONUS #5:
One-On-One, Monthly Phone Calls with Ron Miller and Dave Kittle...
Each Call Up To 60 Minutes!...
(That's 24 Hours of Personal Support & Attention)
12 Calls with Ron Miller: $2,700 Value
12 Calls with Dave Kittle: $2,700 Value
  To Ask Any Question or Discuss Any Situation That You Are Going Through
  Ron's strategy calls include guidance, mentorship, and coaching for Lead Gen, Marketing, Business, & Finance
  Dave's strategy calls include guidance, mentorship, and coaching for Sales, Sales Role Play Practice, & Mobile/Concierge PT
🎁 Huge Free BONUS #6:
We Will Mail You a 
Paperback Copy of the
"3 Simple Steps To Cash-Pay"
Course Workbook
60 page Spiral-bound Workbook 
Course Workbook (plus FREE Shipping): 
$597 Value
What are the 3 steps, and how can it be so simple?!...
Well, here they are:
  •  #1  Leads:  Free, Creative Ways To Generate More Leads
  •  #2  Closing:  How To Convert Insurance-Seeking Patients To "Cash"
  • #3  Growth:  How To Grow a Profitable and Sustainable Business
And, whether you're an insurance-based owner, cash practice owner, mobile/concierge PT, Medicare plus cash practice, staff PT with a side hustle, or just getting started... 

This Mastermind Opportunity is for YOU!  
 ... To Make 2019 Your Best Year EVER !! 
Now, Take a Look Inside Your Workbook that We Will Be Shipping To You...
Inside Of This WorkBook, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE...
  • ​How to know what's going on inside the head of your prospective patient...  (Plus, how to know what surprises or shocks them - and how to avoid it)... Are they unsure that you or your service can help them?... - page 6
  • ​How to start building trust with prospective patients at the first point of contact... - page 6
  • The surprising truth behind your value versus "the cost" of your PT service. - page 6
  • ​Ron and Dave's Top 3 Assumptions that you must possess - to get a prospective patient to pay you out-of-pocket, even when they have insurance. - page 7
  • ​Our top strategies to get prospective patient leads (...and, do so For FREE!). - page 8
  • ​Which type of prospective patients should you target?  And, how to leverage someone else's huge, local influence in your target market!  - page 9
  • How to get new patient (leads) from personal trainers, and other local business owners.  Yes, personal trainers. - page 10
  •  The 9 step marketing strategy: online and in-person. - page 11
  •  How Ron Miller got 170+ Google Reviews for his clinic Pursuit PT... And, how to let your success and testimonials do the marketing for you! - page 12
  •  Exactly how to fix your website and use direct-response marketing copywriting that speaks directly to your ideal prospective patient... - page 13
  • ​The shocking importance of local business listings - and which ones we prefer you use ( get more local reach and awareness). - page 14
  •  Exactly how and why you should be targeting and marketing to specific patient diagnoses and conditions (...rather than trying to reach "all" local patients or trying to sell "physical therapy").  This generated Ron Miller's first $96,000 when he started. - page 15
  • When PTs hear the insurance question and get resistance to paying out of pocket... Here's why PTs get “stumped” and do NOT know what else to say to keep the conversation going - when speaking with prospective patients... (Finally, what to do about it by turning this weakness into your biggest strength). - page 28
And That's JUST The 
First 32 Pages...
Plus, You'll Also Get Ron and Dave's Sales Scripts... All The Bonuses... And SO MUCH MORE!
with these BONUSES, we have done all the heavy lifting for you
  We're offering support and accountability... 
  And, we would like to be there for you and your business... 
  To provide you with an answer for each and every question you might have moving forward into 2019 and 2020
  With plenty of ways to get you more new prospective patients (leads)
  And, a KILLER, yet ethical sales script to overcome every objection
  Plus, guidance in growing your profits...
  To continue developing a profitable and sustainable business
  With the ability to get more free time & live a freedom-based lifestyle
And, Optimize Every Aspect of Your Business to Maximize Profits

We Will Show You How To Do This...

Step-By-Step With Proven Strategies Currently Used By Ron, Dave, and The Top Practice Owners In The Country!!...
"If All This Did Was ..."
By Joining Our Cash Practice Mastermind...

If All This Did Was Get You 1 New Patient (For a Full Plan of Care), Then It'd Be Totally Worth It, Right?!
So, if all this mastermind did was help you attract and "book" just 1 new cash-paying patient...

Then, that alone, would make this 12 month opportunity a worth-while experience

With a positive return on investment, right?!

HOWEVER, with Ron and Dave in your corner, with their proven strategies and frameworks found inside this mastermind group...
... We want to set YOU up for success to land dozens of new patients saying "Yes!" to paying you out-of-pocket for your PT services...
So, That We Can Make 2019 Your Best Year EVER!!

Would you agree with that?

Alright, great!... Read on...
Do You Want To Increase Your Profits & Free Time?
Then, "The Cash Practice Mastermind" Is THE Opportunity For YOU!
So, Let's Recap Your No-Risk, 

(30 Day, Money-Back Guarantee) 

And, You Are Invited To Join and Start Learning Inside...
The 1 Hour-Long Live Video Trainings Each Wednesday, 8-9PM EST

You can ask our students,

If you put in the work and complete the action items...

You Will Profit From This Mastermind Coaching Program,

Plus, With Your Money-Back Guarantee

YOU Profit ...Before We Profit...

We Want YOU To Get RESULTS, As Soon As Possible,

Without this Mastermind Program being 
"Just Another Thing" on your To-Do List

Would You Agree?

Thought So ;) 

The PRICE Goes Up When the Countdown Timer Reaches ZERO – Don’t Pay More Than You Have To.
 Your Application Deadline:
*Thursday July 4th at 11pm PST

Plus, + 52 Hours Free Bonus Video Training
But, Before Investing In Any Program That Promises To Grow Your PT Business, 

Ask Yourself These 3 Important Questions:
1.)  Are the people teaching these strategies credible?

2.)  Are they actually using the strategies themselves?

3.)  Are the strategies easy to implement, and not just “theory”?
30 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee:
If you put in the work, follow our steps, complete your action items... 
and, do not get a positive return on investment within 30 days... 

We will Refund Every Dollar to you.  

AND, we are so confident that You Will Get Results, 
like our other Students, 
that we offer a completely FULL, 100% Money-Back Guarantee,
with no questions asked.

(If you decide to cancel in the first 30 days for any reason, simply email us at

Literally all the RISK IS ON US, so we can deliver you the most value.

How's that for fair?
So, Now You Have 2 Choices...
Choice 1You can go at this alone.  Which is fine. You can be passive.  You can go through trial and error like I did, which takes up more time and money.  And, you might end up successful with a stabile and profitable business. But, that is not guaranteed, since we didn't get this Business, Marketing, and Sales education in PT school.  So, this would be a missed opportunity to invest in yourself, your business, and your future.

Choice 2Or, you can take control of your situation by joining our weekly mastermind program.  You can experience premium coaching, training, and mentorship at a fraction of the value that you will be receiving.  There’s no way you can make a mistake.  If these strategies and systems don’t work for you, then you don’t have to pay.  In fact, you will get your MONEY BACK (our 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee)!!  One thing is for sure - by joining our Mastermind you will greatly shorten your learning curve.  This Mastermind platform will allow you ask questions to a 100% cash pay clinic owner who’s generating $350,000+/Year with 20-30% profits margins!...  And since we didn't get any real Business, (Ethical) Sales, or Marketing Education in PT School, that's exactly what we will be delivering to you every week.
So, if you've read down to this part of the page, then you're very serious about your Business, and you're also seriously considering to join our VIP Cash Practice Mastermind group, to help grow your Practice.

And, because I started out just like you - with nothing - you know that I can assist you in growing your practice.

You are no longer on your own.  You can lean on us to help you in any aspect of your business.

If you have any questions about this investment decision, and to make sure that it is the right fit for you, you can Email me directly:

Or, you can send me or Dave a private Facebook message.  Whatever is easiest for you.  

If you're on the fence...that is okay.  It's common. That means you are about to push yourself outside of your comfort zone!  And, that is a great place to be.

And, we will prove to you that this is something that will drive profits for your clinic.  

And, lastly, make sure to review our testimonials above from Cash-Based PTs and Business Owners just like you... 

who at one point were "on the fence" and not sure about making this type of investment...

But, as you can see, they are learning, growing, and profiting from our tactics and strategies.

Now, it is time for you to learn, grow, and profit !!

So, join us now.  And, we will see you inside The Cash Practice Mastermind Group.

So, please, don’t wait any longer.  You’ll be kicking yourself later on if you miss out on this.

Serve Patients Unselfishly and then Profit,
Dr . Ron Miller , DPT, OCS
And, with my business partner...
Dr . Dave Kittle, DPT
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